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Repair information for the Dyson DC35 floor vacuum. Released in 2009. Model number: DC35 DIGITAL SLIM.

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My unit turns off after 3 to 4 seconds. And the 'max' button is depres

2 problems: Runs for 2 to 3 seconds then turns itself off. I can turn it back on immediately. Max button is depressed and will not pop back out. The unit turns off even with the filter removed.-Yes I pressed the micro switch. The air coming out is not hot. I have tried covering the vents.

I took the torx screw out of the handle but can’t get to the ‘max’ button.

Any hints?

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As for the turning off after a few seconds, you battery may no longer be fully charging and may need to be replaced. As for the Max button being stuck, it seems to be a bit of a design flaw. Air escapes from around the button when the vacuum is on and thus it seems to push fine dust out of the small gap around it, making it stick. I’ve had a little bit of luck using silicon lubricant on the button and working it into the gap with compressed air. This make take a few cycles but it eventually freed up for me.

If you get the button unstuck and the vac still shuts off after a short while it’s likely a depleted batter.

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