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Lanciato il 20 settembre, il più grande e costoso smartphone Apple del 2019 si caratterizza per il display OLED da 6,5", un sistema di fotocamera tripla e un'autonomia della batteria molto migliorata. È il successore dell'iPhone XS Max.

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Boot loop flashing apple logo

I have a defect iPhone 11 Pro Max that didn´t show any signs of life. I could get it into DFU mode and also Recovery Mode with the screen detached. I bought a Replacement Screen and now it shows recovery mode on the screen. When I try to exit recovery mode i get stuck in a booting loop where the apple logo would flash and then it shuts down again. I was wondering if anyone had a similar issue? Restoring won´t work by the way (Errorcode 4013 in 3uTools). Can someone confirm this has to do with NAND ic? Or could it also be caused by faulty batterie or lightning port?

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Error 4013 can be caused by a lot of things but mainly the NAND. It is caused by a loss of USB connection. The first thing to do with a phone like this is to completely rule out parts. You can do this by installing the logic board into a known good housing with a known good battery.

Once you have confirmed it is not a parts issue you would move to the logic board.

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