UE MegaBoom water resist question

Hi, I’ve owned this speaker for about a year and a half now and love it to bits but got really bummed when I dropped it out of my backpack while riding a scooter home. It has a considerable medium sized dent in the right side of the speaker. I’d like to rip it open and repair this with a hammer if possible and reassemble so the ugly dents not there any longer. I figure it’s not been opened before but not sure I got it used on OfferUp. When I do reassemble it will the water resistant feature still work somewhat or should I avoid water at all costs except light rain which I don’t get often in az. Kinda a weird question to ask but I can’t find much on the forums elsewhere is there even a chance that it would bend back right or should I just keep it like it is I’m pretty good with repairs and doesn’t seem to hard tbh from the videos I’ve seen just need to be careful with the plastic clips.

thanks for looking :)

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