iMac won't fully boot up after power surge

Since experiencing a voltage spike, my iMac A1419 won't fully boot up. I get normal chime, apple logo, and boot sequence until just past midway in the progress bar, then it shuts down.

I have unplugged all peripherals, attempted SMC reset multiple times, zapped pram, attempted to boot in safe mode, recovery mode and from a flash drive. Same partial boot and shut down in every case. No unusual sounds.

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Seems there's an hardware issue that prevents you from accessing/backing up your drive. If not covered by warranty anymore, first thing I would do is physically extract the drive from the mac, back it up/make a clone on another mac/pc using disk utility or clonezilla. Eventually if you haven't already tried you can attempt repairing your system partition by running fsck (File system consistency check) after booting into single user mode


@simone_i clarification. i know there is a hardware issue. will not boot. No boot, not even from flash drive.


My point is save your data first, at the same time you can verify if the drive works fine or if it's the failing part causing the shutdown, you'll also gain access to log files to further investigate the problem. You'll probably have to open your pc anyway for diagnosis purposes since you're not able to run Apple Diagnostics and such.


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