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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Screen touch not responding IPad 2 air

Hello good people, hope I’ll get some help !

Few days ago I left my iPad 2 air charging overnight and next day it stopped responding to touch, only thing is working is home button/power up/volume(+/-).

I’ve tried hard reset as well as restoring it to factory settings and updating it to newest version by ITunes, but still it will power up and screen is not responding…

I haven’t dropped it and it didn’t show any signs of problems before. 

Is there anything else would you recommend to try (software wise) or is it 100% digitizer fault as I assume.

thank you for your response,


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Hello, did you discover the problem? I have the same and from my interaction with Apple Store it may be swollen battery. Also see my Question Touch not working. Apple Store says it may be swollen battery?.

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