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Guide e informazioni per la riparazione dei controller Joy-Con di Nintendo Switch.

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Why don't my S series buttons work?

My S series buttons on my right joycon aren’t sensed by the controller, but the Sync button and the Player LEDs still work. Worryingly, when I take it apart, the buttons do work. It only fails when the joycons are assembled and the ribbon cable is bent to fit into the case.

Help me iFixit, you’re my only hope.

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It’s definitely wierd but is that really the ribbon cable that cause the issue ? it could also be due to a contact between two parts that shouldent be connected.

Mayby try to look at a case replacement tutorial to see if you put it back correctly.

Here’s an example :

Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Shell Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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I guess it is possible, but I've put it together just fine several times before this, and it would work just fine until recently. It also wasn't acting the same when disassembled as the one in the left joycon. I ended up buying a new board to replace it, and that works just fine now and has different colors of LEDs.


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