built in webcam stopped working, amongst other things.

I need instructions on how to remove the Dell inspiron M5030 cover in order to repair the components of my laptop. I know the items are loose because I can hear them sliding around when I move the laptop.

the webcam is not the only thing that is wrong with it, when I move the laptop around, sometimes it shuts off, and it's not swinging it around like a bat, I could be in the middle of a game, and shift my lap to get in a more comfortable position and it would shut off without warning. and the ethernet port does not function correctly. actuall it doesn't function at all. I need help and badly.this laptop is a major part of my job as a graphics designs artist, and I need it to be functioning properly in order for me to function properly.

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Your shutting on and off problem sounds like a battery slot issue. I had problem with this on my old Inspiron, where the battery was able to shift in it's holder. Not sure what you'll be able to do for that one...perhaps inspect the locking mechanisms when you get the bottom case off?

As far as getting inside to fix other issues, try this. It's Dell's service manual for you laptop. While it doesn't give particular fixes, it can at least get you inside your computer to let you see what's up (for example it shows screen removal, which would be useful for getting to your webcam). If you dont see anything obvious you can post pictures/further explanation and we can try to help you.

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