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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the HP Pavilion 13-s128nr x360, a consumer 2-in-1 laptop by HP released in September 2015.

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My laptop power button is flashing and it won't turn on

Hey I need help my laptops power button is not working. It first started when I decided to use it was broken but I needed something from the laptop. I had dropped but i didn’t think nothing of it. When I turned it on worked. I needed internet so i went to my living room then it died and when I tried charging it the power button was flashing. I honestly don’t know what to do send help.

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If the caps light and charge indicator blink, that’s usually RAM with HP laptops. Take the laptop apart so you can get to the RAM and reseat it, as it often helps. If it isn’t loose RAM, you may need to replace it.

The HP service manual can be found here. You need to tear it down to the motherboard on this one to get to the RAM.

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