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Is it dangerous to use a previously water damaged phone?

My display has been quirky since Halloween 2020. I dropped it one last time and the display finally broke . I see a black screen but the phone is working perfectly fine (I tested by calling myself). Just want to know how to fix it, preferably with no specialized tools if possible.

Update: I have found that my previously water damaged phone from over a year ago is still functional. I could use this phone in the meantime while I learn how to fix but I don’t want my phone to blow up or shock me. Is this idea dangerous?

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Worst thing that can happen is if there’s any moisture inside still at all then it ill just slowly break over time and may loose data on it if your unable to use the correct functions on it when it does go bad to transfer anything, if you can or are opening it up you will need to clean it thoroughly inside to remove any moisture and small rust spots from the water.

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