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The second generation 11" iPad Pro was released in March 2020 with the model numbers A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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Broken key on iPad Pro 11” Magic Keyboard

Hi Friends,

I’m super frustrated as I have a key which needs replacing on a Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro 11” 2nd gen. The key is “}]”, the plastic hinge piece of the key broke. Unfortunately, Apple said they would need to replace the entire unit to fix the one key which would cost $200+.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement part for it? It would be super easy to replace if I can find the part.

Thanks in advance!

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hello Paul,

there are many websites that offer buttons and whole mechanisms for keyboards. I have already mentioned many of them myself (my sons and roblox :-) you know what I mean). The cost is small, a few dollars. Replacing them is quite easy, basically a small flat screwdriver or a small teaspoon is enough. Using Google, I found over 100 working sites that dealt with a similar problem. Take a picture and send it by e-mail - someone will answer.

  • regards,

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