Kitchenaid Pro 5 Stand Mixer - Only runs on high speed - KV25G0XSL

Hi everyone - hoping I can get some help here as I've searched everywhere else and can't find it. My brand new Kitchenaid Pro 5 Stand Mixer is defective right out of the box. All the speed settings run at the same speed, and it is very high speed. This model is not a tilting-head, it is one with a lever to raise/lower the bowl. Everything I've been able to find online is for the type that tilts head, and I can't find any tutorials or posts of control boards/inner workings that looks like mine.

How can I fix this? If I can't fix it myself, any tips on getting in touch with Kitchenaid?? I've been on hold for a total of 3 hours, their online chat will not connect, and I can't seem to find an email contact. Please help.

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