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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Battery does not charging after replacement

I bought a new battery from ifixit , replace it everything work. I follow the recommendation that drains the battery to 10% then charge it up. The problem is it not charging up. I can see the icon of the battery with the lightning which indicates that there is power go in but leave there for the whole night and it still 5% then the battery completely drained. Moreover, if I keep connecting to the charger it can run but it won’t charge. I check everything I can, nothing bend or loose.

Update (12/11/2020)

Update, I switched back to my old battery, and that battery charging up. The problem with that battery is it only lasts from 1-2 hours without any hard use just read ebook. Is it indicate that this problem because of the new battery?

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hello Minh,

it looks like your brand new battery is damaged (which is often last times). If you didn't destroy it yourself, it probably has a warranty.

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