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Launched in 2017, the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner offers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. Transforms into a handheld in one easy click. The hygienic emptying system drives out dirt in one action.

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Where can I get a real;acement battery for a Dyson V7?

Where can I get a battery for a Dyson V7?

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Hi @wmferguson

Search online for 968670-06 to find suppliers that suit you.

Here’s the manufacturer’s part information for the battery.

Not sure if it means that it isn’t suitable for the two V7 models shown and is for the other V7 model e.g. V7 Allergy, V7 Absolute (black), V7 Animal HEPA etc, or it is the other way around. Check if there is a matching part number to the one above, on the battery pack of your particular model.

If the part number on your model’s battery pack is different to the one shown above, search online using the part number for your model to find suppliers.

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