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Repair information for network equipment including routers, modems, and shared storage.

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Share usb files via router


i have a Vodafone H 300s router and i would like to share a usb with all devices coneced on the network.

i enabled the the content sharing, ftp and samba. i found my usb through samba but i couldnt change permisions

.can someone help me how to do it ?

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In advanced settings on the router there should be sharing settings.

What operating system are you using?


I can see the settings on the router but I don’t now what to do in my computer. Once I connected to my samba server but I couldn’t change the permissions.

I use both mac and windows.


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Have you tried to read this manual?

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It doesn’t refer anything


The link works on my computers and on my android phone.


I’m sorry I just saw the link. It can’t open in my phone. Maybe i need a vpn.


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