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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Opening the ipad for battery replacement.

I have been trying for an hour to open this ipad air 2 that im trying to replace the battery. Im using the iponer to hear the top hoever the scren wont do any sort of gap to place a pick in any tips?

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A few things are important when opening an iPad; Heat, patience and good tools.

Everyone has their own preferred method of opening an iPad. The most important thing is to make sure the iPad is preheated. This makes the glue soft and thus makes it easier to open the iPad. I always heat up the device to about 80 degrees celcius. This means that the you would be able to touch the iPad, but its to hot for holding it a longer period of time. The method I use is to open up a little gap on top, between the case and screen, of the iPad where there are no cables. I always do this with a hobby knife, although it is not recommended to use metal while handeling a device. After there is a little gap, I insert a guitar pick while slowly sliding out the knife. Once the pick is in just wiggle it while putting slight pressure to one side, and go round the iPad.

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I have the iopener and tried multiple things to heat the top but wouldnt be able to get the gap.


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