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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Why did my screen crack on it's own after screen replacement?

2 days ago I left my iPad closed on my bed I left for I think 20 minutes, I come back to open it up and my heart drops... I sort of small crack next to the home button. (I just got it replaced right before summer started) and now this happens? Since the replacement, I've been treating it like a baby and now it cracks all of a sudden?  Since it cracked I've been treating it with even more protection and the crack spread, even more, when I tapped the screen 3 hairline cracks appeared one going right one going down the center, and one going to the left, I never dropped it, never left anything on it, it's still functional but I'm afraid it will get worse. I don't want to pay another 600$ Any tips for how I can stop it from spreading or if I can do anything about it?

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You could probably send it back. Maybe. You didn’t break it it broke itself


Thats I good suggestion but I doubt they’ll replace it for free , how does a iPad crack on its own? Is the screen just weak or is it something from the inside?


Idk maybe there was an imperfection in the glass or something. A small crack makes cracking more easy


My god the cracks are spreading and I’m not even touching it what do I do any tips to prevent the cracks from spreading


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Could be a possibility that they didn’t remove all the old adhesive before they applied the new screen. If they didn’t and they applied new adhesive to fit the screen to the body, it could have caused pressure as it wasn’t evenly seated within the frame.

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