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I spot darker side surround the screen on my iPhone display

This happened after I replaced my battery and I follow through all the instructions and it was successful.However after put all the thing back,and turn on my iphone I spotted this greyish dim spot surrounding my iphone 7 plus display.I am curios if the opening suction cup put much pressure on the display when I try to open the screen and cause tension to the backlit lcd? Has anyone experienced the same problem like this?

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Aftermarket batteries will often do this, even occasionally causing the screen to flicker around the edges (especially when the phone is low on battery). If it doesn’t get any worse I would say it’s just due to the battery and shouldn’t really be any cause for concern.

Hope this helps!

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No sir.The shadow surround the screen always stay there when I look for them. Sometime they change a bit and then went back to normal (the shadow spot). And it can not be notice if you just using your iphone like a normal person would. The shadow surround the screen can be spot when you trying viewing the screen from the different angle. I am sure this is not a flickering problem nor battery problem.what do you think?


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