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Released in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is a mid-range tablet designed to take after the Samsung Galaxy A series phones.

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Why won't my tablet charge when powered off?

I’ve been looking to see my specific problem fixed, and nobody has said a good fix yet. When my battery drops to 0 and it turns off, I physically cannot charge the tablet. The battery screen will display, but it will flicker intensely, turning to screen completely off and completely on like 10 times a second which I assume is the thing that’s sipping up all the power I try to feed to the battery. I did test multiple charging cables and adapters, and even tho they work on my old Samsung phone from the same exact era perfectly, it just won’t stop flickering and won’t get any charge, and yes I did try the charger that came with it too. I also doubt the charging port has any issues, as there is absolutely no problems with charging the device whilst it’s powered on. I only managed to power it on once from this state, but I’m really really not sure what I did for it to happen and can’t even try to replicate it. What even is the cause of this and how could I ever fix it?

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I have found a solution so stupid it’s almost hilarious.

Step 1) Sit near the power adapter and plug the tablet in, make sure you start a Youtube video to maintain sanity.

Step 2) Every time the tablet screen turns on, count to 5 in your head and plug it out, wait until screen darkens.

Step 3) Repeat step 2 for about 15-20 minutes to build up enough charge to get into the custom OS loader thingy.

Step 4) Enter custom OS loader thingy by pressing and holding power and down until a blueish green screen pops up, and press volume down to restart quick as this screen flashes too regardless if the charger is plugged in or not.

Step 5) The very moment it boots up and asks for the pin (or if you don’t have a pin just the very moment it turns on), press the power button, and let it sit for about 4-5 hours. By this time it should gain enough charge for use, and make sure you never let the battery drop to 0%, no matter the cost.

This worked for me, maybe if someone else faces this issue and just needs a “quick” solution without removing the “non-removable battery” and replacing it with a better one, or changing a motherboard which I am the most suspicious about causing this issue. It charges perfectly now, just never. let. it. drop. to. 0%.

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Okay, this sounds idiotic, but it WORKED! Mom's tablet has been broken for ages and this completely solved the problem with it not taking a charge. Thank you, so much!


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@attila_k a bad battery can be causing issues like that. Replace the battery and then re-evaluate

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