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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the 40in LCD TV with model number LA40R81BD or LA40R81BDX. This television was released in early 2007.

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Why are there moving Horizontal lines on my TV?

There are fast-moving horizontal lines (those move vertically) and there’s some vertical lines behind those on my Samsung TV(the model is actually LN-40A550). It usually happens whenever I turn it on. The first picture (where the background is kind of green) is with no chromecast plugged in, and other picture is with my chromecast plugged in. The color changes I’m assuming is because of the pictures the chromecast displays (just wanted to give context). ALSO: If I wait a little bit of time, these horizontal lines generally will disappear. The wait time differers, but maybe about 30min-1hour and the lines will disappear and I can watch TV.

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I think that the display cable in the TV is very loosely connected. Check it out if you can. :) Happy fixing!!

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In this first video there in no display cable connected so I’m not entirely sure this is the issue.


OK! Sorry i couldn't help.


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