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Lanciato il 20 settembre, il più grande e costoso smartphone Apple del 2019 si caratterizza per il display OLED da 6,5", un sistema di fotocamera tripla e un'autonomia della batteria molto migliorata. È il successore dell'iPhone XS Max.

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I Wiped my Phone Screen with 75% Alcohol please help

I’m not sure it’s due to this but recently my iPhone screen has been dimming even I’m still using it. I sprayed it one time on the tissue and gently wiped on just the glass protection part of the screen. Do you think my phone is damaged? It doesn’t happen all the time, it happens sometimes. I used 75% cleaning product not the type for medical use so I’m worried. How can I check if my phones ok?

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I think it should be fine. The light dimming may just be automatic dimmer


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As a repair shop I use rubbing alcohol often to clean and sanitize devices. I don’t think you damaged your screen. As the comment mentioned above, you probably have auto brightness enabled or it could be malfunctioning. If I’m not mistaken you can turn off auto brightness by turning off TrueTone. Are you able to manually adjust the screen’s brightness without any issues?

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To empisize on this, I know someone who has the iPhone 11 and they occasionally and agenst my suggestions, wash there screen with straight water on a paper towel


@Tsar_ Bomba as long as they're not running it under the faucet and use a damp paper towel they should be safe.


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