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The HP EliteBook Folio 9470m is low-cost, lightweight design Notebook that comes with features similar to that which you would get from a high-end personal computer. Released February of 2013. Identified by model number HSTNN-I10C.

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USB devices not being detected

Hello, when any USB device is plugged into the laptop it doesn’t detect it. I have checked for new drivers and updated using Driver Booster 8. Still no luck. Checked HP’s website and there were no drivers there…

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Check that all the USB ports are supplying power to the connected USB device by plugging in a mobile phone and see if it starts to charge or a USB mouse and see if the laser light turns on.

If there is no power then check the USB Root Hub Power Management setting in Device Manager.

Go to Device manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > right click USB Root Hub entry > Properties > Power Management. If the setting “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” is checked, uncheck it and click OK

Here’s an image taken from my computer that shows where to look. Yours will be slightly different but it is mostly the same just that you have a different computer with different hardware but the USB Root Hub entries are the same.

Check every USB Root Hub entry listed. After you have reviewed every Root Hub entry and had to alter the setting and saved the changes, restart the laptop and then check if the USB now works.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Oh God! I'm really mad at myself for not checking that. Thank You!


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Is BIOS updated to version F.73 Rev.A?

Have you uninstaled and re-installed the chipset driver?

Have you run HP PC Hardware Diagnostics?

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Sorry but how would I do all of this?


@Abel Benoie

Hi Abel,

So you at least know that your USB problem is Windows based as you told the illustrious Augustine that "Yes it is detecting the USB in the boot options... "

Did you go the the HP web site page above?

I'd run the HP Diagnostics regardless.

For the built in Diags power on your PC, press Esc, then F2 at the prompt. Choose System Tests (Fast Test performs a 4 minute hardware check).


@Abel Benoie

BIOS update:

HP Notebook System BIOS Updatesystem software Manager Icon

F.73 Rev.A 9.1 MB May 14, 2019

For Windows 10 (64-bit) File name: sp96090.exe (9.1 MB)


This package creates files that contain an image of the System BIOS (ROM) for the supported notebook models with a 68IBD family ROM. This package is used to flash the System ROM on a supported notebook.

This package includes several methods for updating the BIOS version as follows:

- Use the HPQFlash Utility to update the BIOS directly in a Microsoft Windows Operating System environment.

Now you look a bright young lad. You could have done all that yourself if you had read the page.


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when you start up computer and use boot F10 key, does it detect like thumbdrive

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Yes it is detecting the USB in the boot options...


Somehow I feel the OS might be corrupted. try performing a clean install and see if it helps, but of course, backup important files first.

use another computer to create a usb windows 10 installer and try installing from there.


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