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Un piccolo aggiornamento del MacBook Air di fine 2019, con lo stesso numero di modello (A1932) e numero EMC (3184). Questo modello ha uno schermo True Tone e una batteria leggermente revisionata.

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How to turn on my MacBook Air without using power button? - Docking


This is NOT about broken power button or such. My Macbook is working fine. I am planning to have my MacBook connected to 2 external display (24 inch monitor). However I would like to close the Macbook itself and put in on the stand. My question is how can I turn on my Macbook without have to take it out from the stand?

I am looking for a stand like the one below:

Block Image

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Sadly there just isn’t any way to start the system without physically touching the power button.

Why don’t you look at a pair of VESA mounts for your displays so you can swing the displays to the side to gain access to your system which is flat on your desk.

In any case I do think you’ll need to get your system repaired so the power button works correctly.

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Do you have link or photo of the mount?


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How to restart

On your Mac, do any of the following:

1.Choose Apple menu > Restart.

2.Press and hold the power button until you see options, then click Restart or press R (or use the Touch Bar).

3.If the pointer freezes on the screen or your Mac becomes unresponsive, press and hold Control-Command while you press the power button to force a restart.

Important: If you force a restart, you may lose unsaved changes in open documents.

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@sanjeev9910 - This doesn't answer the question asked.


please don't grind rep by posting unrelated answer :(


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