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Lanciato il 20 settembre, il più grande e costoso smartphone Apple del 2019 si caratterizza per il display OLED da 6,5", un sistema di fotocamera tripla e un'autonomia della batteria molto migliorata. È il successore dell'iPhone XS Max.

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NFC and Bluetooth problems

Where is this located? Dropped the phone on the top in an otter box but now the NFC doesn’t work and Bluetooth audio streaming keeps dropping and reconnecting. Bluetooth phone calls are fine. Flashlight is also spotty works and doesn’t sometimes. Is this a connector or a brass pin connector or a bad chip? Already had this issue and phone was replaced under limited warranty. It’s happening again after a drop. I work in the field. Update: it drops connection when the top of the phone is sandwiched lightly Around the area of the mute switch. If I squeeze it, it drops and comes back after a few seconds. It’s a full drop connection

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You should check the flex connectors are all seated properly. It does sound like a connection problem and the 11 Max is a layered board. The solder they use to connect the two layers in my standards is poor quality and the phone only needs a slight drop for the solder balls to crack and become oxidised.

I think you will have to have it looked at by a reputable repairer who would separate the board, check the pads than re-ball it with some quality solder.

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