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Lights / Express Chill not Working

I have a GE PSS26SGRD that’s about 15 years old. The other day when I opened the fresh food side, the lights were not illuminated. Tested bulbs, bulbs are fine. The Express Chill feature no longer works either. The refrigerator is keeping temperature no problem, and the lights on the freezer side work.

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Disconnect the power to the fridge and use an Ohmmeter to test that the door switch, part #609 - fresh food section is electrically operating OK i.e. has continuity when the switch is released. It signals the control board to turn the light on and off.

If the switch tests OK you may have to check if there is power at the socket when there should be.

Is it only the Express Chill feature that doesn’t work or also the Express Thaw?

If only the chill it may be the damper that connects to the pan or perhaps the thermistor that controls the temp there. Looking at the parts diagrams - fresh food section, not sure which thermistor it actually is though (see parts #234, 235, 236 & 237) Given the location of the express chill pan it may be #236.

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