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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Hotpoint, an appliance manufacturing company based in the US.

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After cca. 5 minutes F13 error code appears, ventilator buzzing


I have a Hotpoint Washer/dryer. Washing works well, but drying stops with F13 code after cca. 5 minutes. The ventilator motor makes a buzzing noise. I think it turns slower, then it should, but can’t see any junk, to slow down it, I can rotate the blades easily. The motor of ventilator looks intact. In spite of that it is the reason of overheating?

Can someone help me?

Update (10/01/2020)

Type is FDD 10761

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New aspect: I connected the ventilator AC motor to the 230 V power network. The motor sometime spined well, then the rotation got slower and slower, then stopped, and after a bit it started to rotate again faster.

I don't know whether these AC motors are drived by frequency converter, or they get the 230V/50Hz power? In case the second option, I think the AC motor is faulty.


I’ve fixed it! :-)

The AC motor was faulty. In the beginning when I tryed to rotate it with my fingers I thought it rotates easily. But, when I get the new motor the new one was spinning so much easier, than the old one.

Since then the drying function works perfectly, no F13 error!

Thanks for every help!


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The motor replaced, the error have disappeared, the drying function works like before.

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Csaba Katona  F13 for Hotpoint washer dryers is a Dryer temperature sensing fault. So this could be a bad sensor. For now I suggest you start looking at something like this repair

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Type is FDD 10761.. I read the previous answer, and it looks like the last error is the problem (Heather element resistance is 36 Ohms, so I think it is Ok)


Yes that could be a problem. See if you can fix it and let us know. while you fix it maybe you can create a new guide for all of us. That way it will be on iFixit for all to see.


Sorry for the late answer.

I have been hoping that the friction between the ventilator and heater had led to this failure, but unfortunately not, the heater is fitted strongly. I try to replace the sensor, because the present one is not exactly match to this model. When I'll have the new sensor, I'll write my experiences.


As I think the problem was with the insufficient ventilation caused by the sometimes stalled, sometimes stopped fan. This led to the very high temperature, that is why the display showed F13


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