on ignition, the engine races for 10s, then I no longer have any elect

After ignition, the electric assistance turns on while I am stationary. The front wheel therefore rotates in a vacuum for about 10s then nothing, I end up with an ordinary bike without assistance ...

I remember having exactly the same behavior when I first lit it, the day I unpacked it. I thought it was not working, then after several ignition, it started to work correctly. And for some time I have this problem

I disassembled the tork sensor, but I did not find anything suspicious ... Strangely, in the middle of a very steep hill, the assistance started working again, that's what leads me to think that it is is the tork sensor that is causing concern ... But this is the last time that the engine started working except for 10s when the bike was switched on ...

Has anyone already had the same problem?

I don't know what to do anymore, I only had problems with this bike, and in the end I hardly ever used it ... How sad to have invested for nothing ...

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is someone has the same problem ?


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