Buy from US and ship to Aus for me?

Hey guys and girls,

Please see this part:

If someone could purchase this for me and ship it to Aus, I'd be really grateful!

I'm happy to pay the cost of the item, the cost for domestic shipping in the US and I'll pay US$50 to have it posted to Melbourne, Australia.

If someone is willing to help me out, please email me:

I can sweeten the deal a bit too. I have a faulty AR. Drone that I think is having firmware issues (it flies vertically as soon as it's started) that I could send to you to have a tinker with as a thank you.

Otherwise, I could prob throw in a bit of extra cash for your trouble.

Please let me know ASAP as the auction ends in 2 days!



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Chris have you ask the seller if he/she is willing to send it to you? Seems odd to have it listed but not willing to sell overseas....;-)


yep, the listing says he won't ship outside the US.

I even made an account on the US ebay in order to ask him a question and I didn't get a response.

Anyone care to help a brother out? :)


If you have not received any answers from this seller,what makes you think the part is ok "I have no way to test the video card alone, so it it being sold as is. " I asked a question as well, we'll see if he answers. In principle I am not against this, but sounds fishy, don't you think. Ifixit is not the best place for this type of request, but I do understand what you are trying to do. Been there many times myself ;-)


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