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Can I get my watch wet or no because I want to keep it on

my question is can I get my watch wet or no because I want to keep it on while I shower or get in the bathtub but I need to know if it's waterproof or not cuz I rent splash-proof but can you let a double check see if it's waterproof if you need the code to my watch is VT 7286 that's the code on my watch and it says made from China.

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What is the brand name of the watch?

If it is Vtech, check the user guide that came with the watch and see what it says regarding whether the watch is waterproof, water resistant or just splash proof.

Water resistant usually means that most probably it will survive getting wet but not if it is submerged for long periods of time.

Splash proof means that it can get wet like when you’re caught in the rain etc but do not submerge or allow water to run over it.

Waterproof means that no water can penetrate.

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