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LG OLED TV no picture no sound but turns on

LG 55EC930T

The TV still can be turned on by the remote or the power button. I can hear the click from the powerboard and the red LED on the mainboard will be on. But no picture no sound. My nintendo switch can turn on the TV via HDMI as it normal dose.

Tried disconnecting speaker, control button and remote receiver one by one noting worked.

Tried disconnected the T con board. The power can be turned on for 2 second and then it will restart it self. And the power stay on for another 2 second before turning off.

Bought a mainboard and put it in, but issues are same.

Tested the power suppy board. The power to the mainboard showed in the pictures. The power to the T con board are all 25.1V for the 24V pins and -1.2mV for the GRD pins.

Is there anything I can do? Many thanks.

Block Image

Block Image

更新 (2020年09月20日)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi, my TV is oled model 55eg 910t. The led standby turns on, but the command I give does not turn on the TV.

  The power on and drw on system is checked and safe.

The optical LED on the main board does not light up and also (7200 dl (LED) does not turn on on the main board.

please guide me.

Thanks: Bahram


My LG TV is showing not program,I can't use the remote the buttons on the TV is not responding


@osmanbah1151990 This is an old thread. you should start your own thread and post as much info about your TV (make, model, etc.), what it does, and what you have tried.


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@lleei since you already replaced the main board the next logical step is the power board. Post a picture of the complete power board.

Update (09/20/2020)

@lleei sure looks like a beast. I attached the testing procedure for the power board (don’t let the description fool you it'should work for yours as well), see if you can work through that. The voltages you listed are all good. Do not forget to test all the fuse on the board. If that all pans out we should not forget the T-con board. I wonder if it fails to post and hence no sound/video. It’s uncommon to do that but it is an LG so….


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Hi @lleei ,

Might also be worthwhile to purchase the service manual. Just a thought.


Thank you for your replying. Please check the picture of the power board. This is the largest power board I’ve ever seen.


@oldturkey03 Thank you for your help. This instruction is really really helpfull. I tested the SMPS. Everything is good. Just wondering if the T-con board fail will lead to no sound no picture? Because I can't figure out why it is affecting the sound.


@lleei yes it is possible. Most of the time it is the T-con board (other than the backlight issues) which keeps the screen black but will give you audio.


Had no picture but had sound. Turned the power off at the plug. Left for 2 minutes. Turned power back on. Fixed 😜


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