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The Lenovo Yoga 2 13" can convert from laptop to tablet, tent, or stand mode with hinges on the side. It was released in January 2014.

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Does this laptop have only soldered RAM? Is it not upgradable?

I’ve also just pulled the bottom cover off to take a look and it seems there may be some room for a secondary SSD/HDD in addition to the included M.2 drive.

Am I understanding this correctly? I don’t want to futz around with it much before knowing what’s possible.

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@printedwaffles the RAM cannot be upgraded. The Yoga 2 13 has 2 slots: 1 m.2 (that is now used for your SSD) and another connector for a 2.5"  storage device. For some models this is a normal SATA connector, but for most it is a very rare SFF-8784 connector that only connects to the 5mm WD HDD. Found these for part numbers ZIVY0 HDD Bracket : 90205123

ZIVY0 HDD Cable WD : 90205124

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Thank you. I was a bit confused after opening it up. There seemed to be some unused space that could potentially fit a laptop drive, but I didn't see a SATA style connector around.

Thanks for the part numbers! I'll be exploring this further.

Too bad about the RAM. Silly Lenovo.


Man, looking these things over, it seems like a ridiculously obscure way to go about adding storage space. It might end up cheaper just getting a larger m.2, and certainly less time consuming.

Again... Silly Lenovo.


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