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Apple's March 2019 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A12 Bionic processor and a 10.5" screen.

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Is there a TOGGLE SWITCH that can be used on an iPad AIR (3rd gen)?

I'm searching for a TOGGLE SWITCH that can be used on an iPad AIR (3rd generation) OR a CASE that includes a large toggle switch (an adaptation for an elderly person). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Update (08/28/2020)

I recently purchased an iPad Air third generation for my 89-year-old mother from the Apple Store.

She is learning how to use it. However, the volume switch which is located on the upper right outer edge of the iPad is not only very small but also very difficult for her to use. It has one small rectangular button for increasing the volume. And just below it, it has one very small rectangular button below it for decreasing the volume.

She not only has a hard time to find and see these two little buttons (that are no more than ½ inch in length each) but also to manipulate them with her old fingers.

I hope to find a toggle switch which could be attached / stuck over the volume buttons that could elongate those two volume buttons. If it elongates the up button, the button would give more space for her to press the INCREASE VOLUME part of the buttons, or give her more space to press the DECREASE VOLUME button.

Sadly, SIRI and placing the volume on the iPad Air’s front screen didn’t work for her.

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Can you explain a bit more here. What switch are you trying to add or alter?


Define “toggle switch” please


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Sorry I don’t know of any case that would do what you are looking for.

Even still a wood worker could make what you are looking for! Basically, create a tray the iPad fits into and then forming a paddle within the case to make the buttons easier to move. It wouldn’t take much a piece of plywood gluing some strips along the sides to hold the iPad with cutouts for the paddles where the buttons are with the needed linkage to hit them and the Thunderbolt connection.

If you’re not up to doing your self, see if you can find someone who makes custom gear for special needs folks.

Here’s a useful doc Apple Accessories download the Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices doc for all of the needed measures.

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Thank you, Mr. Woodworker for your kind response. I’m not able to do that which you described, but I appreciate the idea and the other useful doc. All the best!


Ha! Not really a wood worker ;-} Just someone who's had to fix household stuff.

If wood is not your thing, If you have access to a Maker workshop, you could design the case and have them produce it on their 3D printer!

This is a bit more costly and you'll need to work in CAD to design the parts. Which might be fun! Here's a good start on learning what's possible Makerbot

As an example: Xometry or Sculpteo All you need is a finished design

Here in Boston we have a few Maker shops which can help you. With COVID now making a mess of things I haven't visited them so you'll need to check to see if they are even open. They are a great resource!

There are a few web sites which get deep into 3D printing. I would make the effort to visit them for guidance


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The option is to change the volume software wise with the swipe up or down on the control centre and the media controls. Not ideal but it’s another option. Maybe you prefer that ;)

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Not a bad idea! I'm lazy, I just use the buttons ;-}

It could be a limitation of the elderly persons hands where a larger, simpler action is easier.


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