MacBook Air 2019 Retina speakers not working after audio board swap

Hey all- a few weeks ago my MacBook Air had a bit of water damage. After opening it up I noticed that the audio board was corroded, but no other visible water damage anywhere. I was able to boot it up and all functions of the Mac worked perfectly, with the obvious exception of the audio and touch ID button (which connects to the audio board). I ordered a replacement speaker and a replacement audio board and installed both of them correctly according to the iFixit guide.

When I booted it up after the board swap, everything seemed to work again. The touch ID button was working correctly, and audio played through the new headphone jack without any issues. However, the internal speakers do not produce any audio. In system preferences, the MacBook Air Speakers option is selected as the output device. I tried resetting the coreaudiod service via Terminal, as well as booting into safe mode, trying on a fresh user account, and resetting the NVRAM/PRAM multiple times. I also just tried erasing my drive and reinstalling the latest version of macOS, still no dice. Any ideas? It doesn't seem to be the actual audio board since it is brand new and touch ID and the headphone jack work.

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