Blue screen after cleaning and problems with speakers

Hi. i have an issue with my display and speakers.

I took the back off and the Disk port thing to clean it out cause it had built up a lot of dirt.

When I done so I pulled back the black like plastic layer and clear plastic layer underneath the keyboard to clean under that too which was very dirty.

When I turned my system back on it was neon blue across most of the white parts and some of the coloured bits like the yellow on chrome logo and the size and close buttons on top left of applications.

i managed to fix the issue by custom calibrating the display but i’d like to have it on the reccomended one and fix the issue if it’s easy to fix. bothers me knowing there’s an underlying issue. do you think mine is also bent pins from cleaning?

I used a half dry baby wipe and some old makeup brushes to clean dirt out. could i have damaged something.

I’m not good like repairing tech or any of that stuff so if you guys could direct me what to do inside (I can’t leave to get it fixed at this time and rather not pay anyway)

Please I’d appreciate detailed instructions!

I also have issue with my speaker being really like fuzzy when someone talks as if it’s really low quality or it’s been muffled by something it’s kinda hazy sounding and it’s awful! pls help

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Also i forgot to mention, when it’s on a black screen like before a vid starts or something, there’s all like red static all across the black bit like tiny speckled red static like an old vhs ( but red) pls help this is annoying when watching stuff that’s dark


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