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How could spilling Gatorade on my iPod break it?

My iPod 5th generation (video) got soaked with Gatorade. dried it and let it dry in the sunand in bag of rice and also in dehydrator for a day. Now it wont turn on unless it is plugged into wall charger. Is it battery which is damaged or shorted? Should I disassemble it to clean it? How and what should I clean and with what.

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Thanks for your answers. Will try opening and replacing battery and spot cleaning.

Will post results.


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You should have opened it the day it got wet. There is no way for us to know what has happened on the inside. isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip works well. Troubleshooting this iPod is particularly treacherous, but iFixit has made it as easy as possible. Do not use rubbing alcohol as it contains to much water. Congratulations on winning the football game coach.

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Troubleshooting

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You say it works with external power, correct? Does it work correctly - able to play music and so on? If so, it's probably just the battery that's damaged. Unfortunately as you can see in the repair guides here, its tricky to open up.

I had similar trouble once - after I sent my "Stick of Gum" iPod Shuffle through the wash at the laundromat. It managed to get suck between the dryer's drum and door, grinding a gash almost all the way through the case and utterly destroying the buttons. Incredibly, it survived and continued to work! Of course, it only worked with external power. It turns out that although the circuitry was a-ok, the battery was shot - and after removing the battery, it worked for a year afterwards as a perfectly good USB flash drive.

One other thing you might try - as suggested by mayer - is to open it up and carefully clean the inside if you spot residue. Years ago, I managed to resurrect my Gameboy Pocket this way after a similar encounter with a grape slushy...

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