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Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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Why does the Magic Chef microwave keep pressing auto cook button?

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This happens when the microwave presses the auto cook button itself, since there is not a one touch display, I knew that the button navigator paper was glued into the memory, and I think I heard annoying beeps that the microwave doesn’t do anything, nor touched the auto cook button, the photo shows that no one touched the auto cook button but the microwave number plate itself is.

Update (10/05/2020)

It went worse now. It frequently presses the “auto cook” button in the microwave controls and the buttons were sealed.

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Hi @evanlei1 ,

What is the model number of the microwave oven?

Try repeatedly pressing the Auto Cook button (with the power disconnected from the oven) to see if doing this has removed the problem when the power is reconnected.

If not it appears that the keypad button may be faulty and is permanently making contact with the keypad contact membrane.

Most probably the entire keypad assembly would have to be replaced as usually they are a sealed modular unit.

If you decide to replace the keypad assembly be safety aware when working inside a microwave oven as the HV capacitor can store >6000V DC for months even if the oven has been disconnected from the power for this amount of time. This amount of voltage can seriously injure you You need to correctly discharge the HV capacitor as soon as it can be accessed after removing the oven case and before you commence any other work inside the oven. If you don’t know what you’re doing call a reputable, professional appliance repair service and ask for a quote to fix the problem.

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Hi @evanlei1 ,

You may have to replace the keypad assembly.


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