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Lanciato da Samsung a marzo 2016. Modello SM-G930.

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My S7 won't turn on. It overheated, and now it does not respond.

Sorry this is long, but I tried to be as clear as possible.

So my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) was on. It dropped on the floor, and when i picked it up it was very hot and it was off. It overheated within seconds. Within 30 secs it became so hot it almost burned my hand. I was afraid it was gonna catch fire. The back cover\lid came off on one side due to the heat.

After it cooled down. I checked to see if something happened to the battery, but it looked undamaged. So I tried to turn it on but nothing came up, it’s as if it’s dead. I tried to plug the battery in to see if it would charge, but again there was nothing on the screen, as if it’s dead. There was no battery charge icon, and there was no charging led light, the screen did not light at all, complete nothing.

I kept the charger plugged in, and the phone warmed up after a while (as it usually does when I’m charging it). It did not overheat, just regular warm. I kept it plugged for an hour but it still did not show any light, it did not turn on, no battery icon. Other than the fact that it was warming up, it still seemed dead.

So I opened it up (unscrewed the plastic), and I disconnected the battery. I plugged the charger in while the battery was disconnected. The moment I plugged it, the battery icon came up at 0% and within seconds became 70% (this was while the battery was disconnected from the phone).

I put the battery back, tried to turn it on, didn’t work, looked dead again. I plugged it in but the battery icon didn’t come up, again looked dead.

So I’m not sure if the problem is with the battery. When the battery is disconnected, the screen lights up and it shows the battery icon. When the battery is connected, the phone acts dead, nothing lights up, nothing turns on, no icon.

I don’t know what the problem is. If someone knows how to handle this it would be great.


1) I tried draining it out of power while battery was out (pressed power button), then put battery back on, but didn’t work (again dead).

2) I tried all the combos of clicking the power button and the volume up or down button at the same time. Didn’t work.

3) The charger and the charging port are fine.

4) The screen seems fine since it shows me the battery icon (when I plug the charger in) while the battery is disconnected.

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Hello i have the same issue today. this might be the fix. the connection is the issue. in the video he resoldered the connections again permanently.


our phones are physically dead. but warm. powering and pressing anything wont help. i think we have the same problem bec our devices are old. it heats up crazy enough to crash


My phone has the same problem too. It has 35 percent left so turned it off and went to sleep, when I woke up in the morning and tried to turn it on it won't turn on. I guess I must have slept on it. I tried charging it but it began over heating and won't even turn on.


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Check the battery and see if it has any voltage, it should be around 4 volts. Also ohm it, it acts like the battery is shorted if it is shorted it should give no reading and beeps like you put both of the test leads together. Did the battery swell? Did it give any electrical smell or a puff of smoke? It may be a battery but if you can let me know what the readings are I can tell you for sure.

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