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Release date: Jan. 24, 2008; 8MP, 3x Optical Zoom, Built in optical image stabilizer system and Face Detection software; DIGIC III Image Processor.

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How do I reassemble the lens unit itself?

The lens stuck in the open position during our vacation. No amount of jiggling, banging, cursing, swearing, or praying would fix it.

Upon returning home, I discovered this web page and through its amazing instructions (Thanks, everyone!) I had no trouble removing the lens unit.

Now, travelling in uncharted territory, I started dismantling the lens unit itself. Not difficult; just the four screws that go into the back of the black plastic casing, one lock tab, and it almost falls apart.

I found traces of beach sand, left over from a previous vacation, so I cleaned everything thoroughly.

Now the hard part. The unit basically consists of several concentric sleeves that have cam grooves in them. Each sleeve will assemble in any one of 3 possible alignments, but obviously only one is correct. Does anyone know the correct alignments?

I would attach pictures, but I don't have a camera....


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Bill, download the service manual from here and check chapter 2.12. I think that shows you how to disassemble the optical unit. Lots of little fun parts :-) anyhow, good luck and let us know if this works for you.

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Thanks for the very fast response! I have downloaded the files and taken a quick look at them. Looking good! I'l have more time this evening to get back into the project in detail.



You are very welcome and thank you for accepting my answer.


I am in the middle of taking the lens apart of my canon sd 1200is can I get a download of the chapter?


Richard, give it a try. The service manual is complete, not broken down by chapter, and it is for the SD1100, so there may be some differences.. :-) good luck


The manuals only seem to go down as far as removing the lens unit and for dissasembling/reassembling the protective shutter blades. In order to free up mine I had to dismantle the lens unit itself, and couldn't get it back together until I found the perfect solution a few days ago: I redeemed frequent flier miles and acquired a newer, better model of the camera and gave up on the dismantled one <g>.


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