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Problem with FL2400/C2400 in iPhone SE

Hi everybody,

This is my first question right here. I’ve been looking for an answer to my problem but couldn't find it.

I have two Iphone SE (one is mine and the other is my cousins). My phone didn’t turn on after a screen changing. My cousins phone worked but the battery didn’t charge at all.

I could open them and see them under the microscope. Both of them had the FL2400 removed. I tried to solder them back but didn’t succeed and lost them.

So i shortened the pads of the FL2400 with a wire. Doing so, in my cousins phone i lost the C2400 cap.

So the result is this:

  • My Phone: FL2400 pads shortened with a wire and C2400 soldered. My phone doesn’t turn on and Itunes doesn’t recognize it. But i measured the current and is around 100-200mA.
  • My cousins phone: FL2400 pads shortened with a wire and C2400 not soldered. That phone doesn’t turn the screen on, but it is alive because Itunes recognize it.

So the question is, do i need to solder FL2400 and C2400 and may be the phones will work? or the problem could be elsewhere.


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Fl2400 will need to be in place the cap doesn’t really matter, did both phones have the battery disconnected when you connected the lcds

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Yes both of them had the battery disconnected. I also checked the backlight filters of the display circuit and are OK.

So i should try replacing the filter then.

I have to see where to buy them because in my country (Argentina) i won’t find them.

Thanks a lot!


Is that possible that not having the FL2400 can impact on no display at all?


No it would usually only cause a battery percentage issue.


Do you think of any other test that i can do to troubleshoot this?


Can you buy zxw. It will give you diode readings for the lcd connector.


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