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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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Why is there dots on the left side of my printed image?

I print on the photo option to make film positives and on the left side of the text there a tiny dots. I have done all the cleaning and alignment options.

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@jimwinder1320 … please upload an example of what you are seeing. this guide will help:

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self cleaning options are a great maintenance feature to utilize before these types of issues occur. this type of fault is usually indicative of a clogged ink jet/printer head. after time of use and prolonged times of unuse without servicing with self clean functionality, the ink can clog and harden to where the self clean option does not do the job. in this case, you will want to get to the heads and inspect visually and soak with isopropyl alcohol to loosen and hardened ink or debris.

here is a guide that will help you out:

hope this helps. dont forget to upload the photo example so we can confirm or get another idea of what the issue may be. although this symptom is typically caused by what was described above, there may be other issues.

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I believe that the problem is that in the winter with the humidity your paper is slightly curling. I have an Epson photo printer and am having the same problem. Sometimes I can get around it by turning around the paper so the bottom edge is now the top edge. Or what I do is load fresh paper in before I start to print. Also you can try to slightly roll the paper back to get rid of the curl. These printers are very temperamental and the winter always messes them up. Hope this helps

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