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Modello fine 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,4 GHz o i7 2,8 GHz

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High Sierra sees WiFi no internet

Hi guys, this seems to be a problem for many, but I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer.

Rebuilding a 13” MacBook Pro (A1278) i5. 500 SSD is fine, 4GB of RAM, board is fine. Installed High Sierra, took forever because internet on WiFi was going in and out.

I looked around and saw that the hardware was fine, it was connected with IP oddly. But, the icon on the top bar would be checking for signal every 2 seconds or so.

I followed some stuff, I found, like creating a new location in net prefs, deleting the connection and adding it back. Removing the library profiles to force a rebuild, reset NVRAM. nothing helped.

The hardware is recognized, sees my modem/connection fine. I have narrowed it down to a software issue with High Sierra. Ran diagnostics, said move closer to signal? I'm 10ft. away.

I'm hoping for a patch, fresh idea, anything. One method just said turn off the desktop icon and bluetooth, no help. So, I'm stuck and this is always where I come. Thanks. I even tried manual setting up the WiFi using Google's free dns.,, no go.

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From the sounds of it you have really a simple problem! The antenna leads to the antenna unit held in the black clutch cover have gotten damaged so you are not getting the full signal.

You’ll need to remove the display assembly to gain access to the part following this guide: Sostituzione schermo MacBook Pro 13" Unibody fine 2011 then you can slide the clutch cover to the side and then off and here’s the needed part: 13” MacBook Pro Antenna (11/12) recycled

The area that is often damaged in at the hinge or the connectors on the AirPort board.

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Thanks, Dan. I have done this, already. All hardware seems fine. It's getting signal and connecting. It's just something in the HS OS that is glitchy, and I can't figure it out. It will work for a moment, then fall off. And, it constantly toggles "Looking for network" in the icon in the menu bar. I've run diagnostics, all is good. I've created a new location in Network settings, trashed the profiles so it creates new ones, nothing seems to help. I'm going to try to reinstall the OS. It seems there is an ongoing issue with this version of the OS, so I may use the patched version of HS, since it has patches for the wifi that apple doesn't seem to offer, and it cleans all caches, including the dns cache. I'm waiting on a power supply to arrive for this unit, today.


I'm using High Sierra on my 13" MacBook without any problems! Are you sure you are connecting to your AP properly? Remember this system only has a 802.11n WiFi so your AP needs to have it active. Clicking on the WiFi menu icon while pressing the Option key will show you more details of your connection.

The systems I encounter issues with tend to be the antenna cables or the AirPort boards cable. I think I've only replaced one Airport in this series.

If its not the antenna unit it's then the AirPort board or its connection to the logic board, I would first try the cable.

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Airport/Bluetooth Cable

MacBook Pro Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) AirPort/Bluetooth Board


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