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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Why is my cpu hot

When I am browsing the internet or using zoom my cpu jumps from 40 C to 72 degrees Celsius. This is causing the battery to drain. I upgraded the ram from 2gb to 16gb to see if it puts less strain on the cpu, but it is still hot. Is this normal for this model or do I need to add new thermal paste. My MacBook model is a1342 white with a 2.4ghz CPU , 250gb SSD and 16gb of Ram.

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Mostly, Zoom does not overheat your Mac, maybe your CPU is broken. Most of the time, your computer is hot because the CPU is running very fast, it's your hardware's problem. Maybe you can try contacting Apple Support for more help.

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Macs like to keep the fans at idle until CPU temperature reaches 90 degrees or so, to which the fans will ramp up. I suggest getting something like Macs Fan Control and manually controlling the fan speed yourself to try and decrease the temperature.

Replacing the thermal paste is also highly recommended either way - my 2010 MacBook Pro also reaches 70 degrees easily during Zoom meetings, and I haven’t replaced the thermal paste in that only because it hasn’t arrived. It really will improve the cooling.

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