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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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LCD backlight works for 2 seconds, then shuts off

I recently carried my old Macbook (late 2007 C2D) in a backpack, and there was a little rain, but the papers i had with it weren't even damp so i'm not sure if that could be the reason.

It did work for a while, around 20 minutes, and when i opened the lid again a few hours later, the backlight shut down. I shut it down and again, it works for 2 seconds. If I use the brightness keys to dim the display, and then take it one step up, it lights up, sometimes stays that way, but if i rock the screen even by just touching it, it shuts down again. If i go and increase the brightness to full, it shuts down every time.

Now, i know the problems can be the inverter and the CCFL.

Somebody in another topic suggested that it could be the lamp, because the inverter shuts it down to protect itself.

Now, is there a way to replace the lamp without replacing the screen. The price for just that part is not that big and i would like to try it first.

Or should i rather go with the inverter first?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I have some experience disassembling macs, i have repaired some Pros, but i never tried to extract the LCD display out of its casing, let alone change the CCFL. I have seen a video of a guy replacing the one on his iBook, perhaps that could be a simmilar thing?

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Can you still see the desktop when the screen goes dark?


Yes, i can. The data cable and connection is ok.


Thanks for the links. However, I'm in Croatia, so i had to find a seller that ships here. It was under $20, so not such a big problem, it's still only a fraction of the worth of the Macbook, especially since i upgraded it with SSD and 6 GB of ram. The one i ordered comes with the wires soldered and the inverter connector.

I will first try the lamp when it arrives on the inverter to see if it behaves correctly, then proceed to change it if it turns out ok.


Ok, i finally got some time on my hands, and i changed the backlight. It now works, but i have a different problem. The lamp lights up, but the inverter is making a buzzing sound, unless it's at max brightness. The screen has some kind of a blue glow on it. I do have another used inverter, and it buzzes as well. Could the solder points for the lamp be bad, or the lamp itself? It could be the inverters as well.

Has anybody had similar symptoms?


The buzzing sound usually indicates a CCFL bulb (lamp) failing or the quality of the solder joint to the CCFL bulb It can occur from a bad inverter board or connection to it. Since you reported no buzzing sound previously from either of the inverter boards I would say the problem is with the CCFL bulb or it's solder joints. Put some flux on the solder joints and hit them with a solder iron up to temperature. If the problem persists after that, the problem is most likely the lamp.


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hi , same problem with an a1181 . i changed inverter same problem . i changed the backlight problem solved .

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