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Logic Board Damaged and Needing Easy & Affordable Fix

I have physical damaged on my iphone 8 plus logic board.

The logic board is broken off around the wifi & camera connectors (where it T’s).

Could I buy a ic locked board and switch my IMEI number to it?

What companies could repair logic boards at a reasonable cost?

Or does anyone have an idea to fix my problem easier.

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Thanks for your input. I will purchase an working logic board off the internet.


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Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

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Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

Shop iPhone Fix Kits

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Are you looking for “Data” recovery from the device or just a working phone? In short, what you are asking … can be done by way of CPU (etc) Swap to Icloud locked board. Price would most likely exceed the value of the phone. But worth it for Data recovery if that is your objective :) However, for just a working phone… I just sold one for a few hundred… looked online (Marketplace, Ebay, etc) and found several great deals on used devices… then sell yours for parts to offset the cost…

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Motherboard repair in any case will be expensive if you are taking it to a good repair shop, also only if your phone is not powering on and you need your information it will worth to pay for it.

There is not easy way to change your IMEI from one phone to another, apple IMEI is attached to CPU, NAND, etc. If you take out a Chip you have to take all of them.

Take it to your local shop and get a estimate, may it is something easy to fix.

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