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Modelli A1419 / Fine 2012 / Processori 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 o 3.4 GHz Core i7, ID iMac13,2

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Broken screen plug.. what now?

While replacing the HD using the iFixit kit, I didn’t heed the warning to be cautious with the monitor cable and one of the legs of the latch got detached from the board. Mistake number 1. So.. I thought I would be clever and it would be easy enough to solder it down. Turns out I’m neither skilled or accurate enough to accomplish this, and I’ve basically gotten the connector all gummed up with solder. It’s a real mess.

So what now? If I find a more skilled friend with hot air reflow abilities, is this part generally available and reasonable to repair? Or is it basically destined for the scrap heap :(

Block Image

Block Image

was what I observed after replacing the drive when the monitor failed to work.

Block Image

the result after many botched attempts to fix and then remove excess solder..

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Can you post some pics so we can see where things are Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


@danj definitely, just updated it now with some images.


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definitely repairable by some one with the training and tools i.m.o. looks like the connector needs to be repealed and replaced only for the solder that may be inside grounding multiple lines potentially. may want to look at your ribbon cable that attaches there for any broken, missing pins as well. i will concede to @danj analysis however....he knows his stuff.

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@jostewcrew is correct this is repairable!

You’ll need to find someone with good micro soldering skills and access to the needed connector, replacing the damaged one.

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Do you have any suggestions where I might be able to find the part?


@jaeysin ... verify your model number and model year. if it is what is listed for this post... A1419 late 2012...then here is a link:

if not, just google your model number and year along with lvds and itll get you there


Got it! I wouldn't need a replacement port? That'd be easy enough to clean up with something like a heat gun (run by someone more skilled than myself?

thank you so much for all this help!


im so sorry...i think that the link was for the cable... heres for the connector itself. (make sure your cable is still good) :

you can find on google...its a 40 pin connector for 2012

as far as the job goes, heat gun isnt really the ticket. need adjustable heat and air volume. here is a video on this process for your reference. it looks easy because of the right tools and experience. you can ruin your board very easily if not experienced:


@jaeysin - I think you should find someone who's done this a few times its easy to mess up and they would be worse.


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