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MacBook Air cooling fan screw slot

Does anyone of know where I can buy replacement for this screw slot also my colling fan has missing screw

Block Image

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If I follow what you are describing you snapped off the mounting stud off of the logic board. If you look at your fan assembly you should see it still on it held by the screw.

Becareful! As you don’t want to loose it or touch the mounting surfaces!

You’ll need to remount the stud using a good Cyanoacrylate Glue. I would use a gel version. You want to look at the area and the remaining circuit board material to match it up. Don’t touch the surfaces or clean them as that will make the re-glueing not as effective.

When you do remount the fan, just snug the screw as you don’t want to torque the repair snapping it off again. I would use small drip of nail polish to prevent the screw from vibrating loose.

These studs are not available as a part, it would require replacing the logic board to fix.

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What the heck is a “screw slot”. Is the screw itself damaged? You can replace this with another fastener of the same thread and length.

I have a little bucket of screws that were scavenged from old hard drives and dead computers. I have used other screws in this case, again, of the SAME THREAD and LENGTH.

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