Washer Won't Spin Without Resetting Start Button

I’ve got a used Kenmore direct drive washer with a lid switch bypass that consistently skips the spin cycle. The machine fills with water fine, agitates, and drains, but it does not spin UNLESS I stop the machine, reset the dial to the spin cycle, and restart it. I’ve noticed that the machine makes the drainage suction sound all the way through the non-working spin cycle till the full cycle completes. Here are things I’ve tried:

  • Run different cycles with the same results
  • Inspect the lid switch bypass- used a separate bypass wire instead of the bypassed switch and still had the same results
  • Replaced the washer timer with the same results
  • Replaced the washer drive coupler with the same results
  • Took apart the transmission to replace the neutral drain kit… with the same results

I’m losing my mind here. The only thing I can think of left is something being wrong with the drain pump itself not stopping to kick the machine over into the spin cycle? Anyone have any thoughts before I dump more cash into this moneypit?

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