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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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MacBook wont power on for a few days and then power back on!

My macbook pro keeps having this issue of randomly cutting off and then booting back up after like 3 - 5 days like nothing happened.

  • I fitted a new battery and didn’t fix the problem
  • Tried all key commands, PRAM, ect. You name it i’ve tried it, nothing has been successful
  • removed the battery wait 30 seconds and plugged it back in and still didn’t work
  • Tried using just the magsafe connected without the battery to turn on and still didn’t work
  • i’m not sure if it’s logic board issue but I’m not willing to pay £400 for new logic board and when i can just buy myself a new macbook. please can someone help me fix this issue so I can retrieve all my information from my MacBook

Currently my macbook wont boot up and its been 3 days now and just need this sorting!

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Install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take snapshot of the apps main window so we can see how things look, make sure you have the charger plugged in and post it here Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


Hello, I have the app already installed but unfortunately my macbook will not turn on at the moment its been 4 days now and still haven’t been able to remove my data.


Further update, it ended up needing a new logic board which i installed myself and it completely fixed the problem and the over heating! Manage to buy one for £200 so i’m very happy!


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OK, let’s give this a try since you can’t get your system to start.

Follow this guide to Step 6 Sostituzione batteria nel MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display versione inizio 2015 with the battery disconnected with nothing plugged in to the external ports press the power button a good 15 secs. Now plug in the MagSafe with the battery disconnected does the system spontaneously boot up?

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Hello, I disconnected the battery from the motherboard and waited 15 seconds. I then plugged the MagSafe to the MacBook and it turned green and then orange. Next, i tried to turn the MacBook on and the trackpad was clicking but there is still no sign of power, a chime or fan movement?


Sounds like you didn't follow the instructions!

It wasn't a wait, it was a press of the power button for 15 secs with the battery disconnected to fully discharge the logic board.

If you did that then as soon as you plugged in the MagSafe charger the system would have started up on its own!

If that didn't happen then your logic board has an issue and you'll either need to find someone with the deeper skills and tools to fix it or you'll need to just replace it!


Hello, sorry I didn’t follow instructions carefully I re-read them and did what you said my MacBook still didn’t boot but the fan is now going at a very high speed but nothing else is happening?


Time to get your system to someone to fix your logic board or just replace it MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015 Logic Board Replacement


Thanks anyway, just ordered a replacement logic board so lets see what happens!


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