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Can't find the internal hard drive

I spilled water on my keyboard, now the MacBook Pro A1150 turns on and can't find the HD, but it can boot from the external HD, it works perfectly.

Looking at the interconnection cable of the internal HD seems normal, any suggestions?

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First keep in mind this is a very old system! So anything you do might break something as the plastics get brittle!

From the sounds of it I would say the HD cable or its connections to the drive are in trouble. What is not very obvious is the drive has two connections on the PATA connector. One for the data ,and the other side for the power. Carefully lifting the drive up you should be able to see if power is even getting to the drive, use a DVM and measure the connection points. If you have power then you either have a bad data side connection of the cable or the drive its self got damaged.

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Hi Dan. What I find strange is that water damage may have caused the cable, visually the cable does not present any damage, and you can see that when I turn on the mac the HD is spinning.


I just removed the drive and put it on another mac it's working perfectly


Do you think it would be the case to remove the motherboard and give it a bath with isopropyl alcohol


I would still check both the logic board and cable for corrosion damage, If you don't see any I would replace the cable 15" MacBook Pro Hard Drive/BT/IR Cable, Apple P/N 922-7264


Hi Dan. I bought a new cable and replaced it, I still have the same problem, only boot, with external drive.

Today I took the motherboard out and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol, I set it up again and the same problem, just from boot with an external drive, Ithe system doesn't recognize the internal drive?

I'm tried to find the diagram of the board of the Macbook pro Modelo 1150, to try to understand better this problem.

Here in Brazil the components for the 1150 are very cheap.

Any suggestion


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