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Lanciato il 22 settembre 2017. Modelli A1864, A1897. Disponibile in versioni GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / gold, silver e space gray.

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iPhone is disabled after new screen replacement and not updating too

originally iPhone 8 Plus was badly smashed. Both front screen glass and LCD were completing broken. After successful screen replacement, Phone went to disabled. Despite of connecting with iTune again and again it was not updating and sometime it was not connecting with iTunes initially. Than we had to restore and removing all data to make phone usable. Removing all data is really expensive and panic.

What could be reasons for not able to update ?

Why phone goes into disabled for only too much bad touch of old cracked screens?

How we can avoid that disable message after screen replacement or loosing entire phone data ?

See the attached actual image,

Block Image

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The phone was more than likely disabled when you got it. There wasn’t anything you could have done besides restoring it.

Sometimes when screens get smashed they start ghost touching or the person tries to unlock it when they cannot see the proper numbers.

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