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Una console di gioco per la televisione prodotta da Sony Computer Entertainment, conosciuta anche come PS4. Annunciata il 20 febbraio 2013 e lanciata sul mercato il 15 novembre 2013.

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Why does my ps4 turn off after it being turned on

So basically I just finished cleaning out my heat sync and all of that. But, now I try to power on my ps4 but it turns on and shows a white light but then the fan speeds up and the light turns red and then the ps4 shuts off. I got some of thermal paste on my finger because I touched the paste that was already there and I think that’s what’s making my ps4 act up. I just ordered thermal paste. So should I fix the thermal paste? or is it another issue? Please help

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Old thermal paste can’t be reused. Need to replace it with new thermal paste like Arctic silver 5 or equivilant.

Make sure to verify that all thermal pads for the VRMs are present there’s roughly 8 of them I believe?

Also make sure the clamp with the two large phillips screws is not upside down, the ends should be facing up.

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wait so me taking some thermal paste off was the reason? i watched a video and the guy didn’t put some screws back and i followed it. and he had no problem. only thing is he replaced the thermal paste. when i took out the motherboard the paste on the chip came off and went on my finger. so is that the reason my ps4 turns on then off?


i ordered arctic silver paste to put on. it comes in tuesday. hopefully it works


and the clamp is on correctly but the thing is it wouldn’t show me a screen at all. and then i added 2 washers for each screw and then it started to show me a screen. so now i think i just need thermal paste and it should be back to normal. What do you think?


If washers were required then APU is starting to go bad either from being faulty or developing loose solder balls that connect the chip to the board. Not a good sign.


Ben is right. When washers are required, the APU is going downhill. Anyway, replace the thermalpaste as this should aways be replaced when the heatsink is detached. And to clarify, yes 8 thermalpads can be found. Answer +1


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My recommendation would be to unplug the PS4 from everything, wait 10-30 minutes, then securely replug only the necessary plugs (TV and Power. Don't do the ethernet cable if you hardwire or any other accessories). Then try to boot it up again, either normally or in safe mode.


Can you get to the safe mode menu to do a full reset? That may also help since your databases and probably pretty grumpy now that they keep being rebuilt.


I'm obviously not a tech expert. I dropped my PS4 once and the plastic case fell off and I managed to snap it back on and that's the extent of my repair capabilities.

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